What We Grow

handful of red cherry tomatoesAt Langwater Farm we grow all kinds of delicious organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  We love eating good, flavorful, healthy food, so that is what we grow.  We work hard to make sure that everything we produce is of the highest quality: fresh, ripe, in-season, and flavorful.  Because we believe that the food we grow should support a healthy environment as well as healthy people, all the vegetables we grow are certified organic. From crunchy and crispy spring peas to juicy heirloom tomatoes to sweet and hearty winter squash, we look forward to sharing each season’s bounty with you.

You can find our produce at our farm stand, at several farmers markets local restaurants, through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and at the Easton Food Pantry every week. 

Arugula (May – July, late August – November)
Napa cabbage in fieldBeans (July – September)
Beets (May – October)
Bok Choi (May – July, August – November)
Broccoli (June – July, September – October)
Cabbage (September – March)
Carrots (June – March)
Cauliflower (September – October)
Celeriac (October – January)
Collards (September – November)
Fresh cornCorn (July – September)
Cucumbers (July – September)
Eggplant (July – October)
Fava Beans (June)
Fennel (May – June, September – November)
Flowers– pick your own
Herbs (basil, parsley, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, mint and more)
Kale (May – July, August – November)
Kohlrabi (May – July, August – January)
Leeks (September – December)
Lettuce (May – July , August – November)
Melons (August – September)
Microgreens (February – April)
Mizuna (May – July, August – November)
Mustard Greens (May – July, August – November)
Onions (June – February)
Parsnip (October – January)
Peaches (August – September)
Peas (June – July)
Peppers (Hot & Sweet) (July – October)
Popcorn (January – May)
Potatoes (July – March)
Pumpkins (September – February)
watermelon radishRadish (May – March)
Rutabaga (October – January)
Salad Mix (April – July, September – December)
Shallots (August – November)
Spinach (May – June, September – November)
Strawberries (June)
Summer Squash/Zucchini (June – September)
Sunflowers (July – September)
Sweet Potatoes (October – March)
Tat Soi (May – July, August – November)
Tomatoes (July – October)
Turnips (May – July, August – March)
Watermelons (August – September)
Winter Squash (September – February)