We have big news!

After a decade of dreaming, and several years of planning, last week we finally broke ground for our new Farm Store and we are so excited to see real, concrete progress being made. The new Farm Store will be a bigger version of our current Farmstand, with lots of room for more produce and more farm products from local farmer friends and food makers. 

In designing the building, we focused on keeping the aesthetic of our beloved, rustic Farmstand while also making the space flexible to flow with the seasons. Lots of big doors will allow plenty of air flow during the spring, summer, and fall, and we’ll be able to close the doors and crank the heat to keep it warm and comfortable during the coldest days of winter. Plus we’ll be very happy to finally have indoor plumbing.

In addition to the sales area, the building will also include a prep area with more cold storage and a new Farm Kitchen that we’re super excited about. We’ll use the Kitchen to cook up our yummy sauces and experiment with (and then produce!) more ways to preserve our veggies for the winter. And we’ll be able to turn some of our aesthetically-challenged field produce into super fresh to-go salads, salsas, & veggie-forward soups.

Right now the new Farm Store is on track to open in 2022. In the meantime, we’ll keep you up to date with progress pics on our Instagram and facebook

Let the digging begin!

Still working…it’s coming along: