Pick Your Own Certified Organic Strawberries:

Check here for updates on availability 

Sunday June 16, 2019: fields will be closed…

we hope to open fields again next weekend!

Strawberry season is making a fashionably-late debut this year, but we’re so glad it’s finally here!! The chilly spring stagnated plant growth, delayed flowering, and slowed berry formation, but now the field and the plants are looking great regardless.

Our organic Strawberries are always fresh-picked and absolutely PACKED with flavor and sweetness. They’re super tender and juicy too. Eating fresh-picked, local berries is always a revelation. The difference between these and grocery store berries is amazing. Two important notes:

  • Don’t wash your berries until right before you eat them. We don’t spray any synthetic or chemical nastiness, so they just need a quick rinse, not a full soak. Soaking them causes water logging issues and dilutes the flavor and sweetness and vastly shortens the edible life and general quality.
  • Eat your berries quickly. Organic berries are more prone to developing soft spots and mold when held for extended periods because we don’t spray anything on them to retard the growth of those things.

The weather forecast for this weekend is looking decent enough that we think we’ll be able to open the field to Pick Your Own starting Saturday. However, as always with PYO crops, please check our facebook before you head over. We’ll update our facebook page with up-to-the-minute PYO info. You don’t need an account to see our page.

The fine print: We have free hayrides from the farmstand on weekends, running in a loop starting at 10am. Anyone over 3 years old needs to buy (or have purchased for them if they’re short of funds or can’t count as high as 6) at least one quart punnet to access the field. It’s $6/quart and $32 for a 6 quart flat (may not always be available). On a PYO day, the fields are open until the crop is picked out or at the manager’s discretion.

PLEASE check our facebook page for the most up-to-date information.
The Strawberry season is always short, but worth the wait. We hope you enjoy them this year!