Ready to stock up on some essential veggies for the winter? We’ve got what you need.

Golden Beets: 25 lb for $56
Red Beets: 25 lb for $52
Yellow Onions: half bushel (approx. 22 lb) for $40, bushel (approx. 45 lb) for $75
Shallots: 5 lb for $22, 10 lb for $40
Garlic, from Copper Kettle Farm in Easton, MA: 5 lb for $55
Macomber Turnips: 25 lb for $48
Purple Top Turnips: 25 lb for $42
Napa Cabbage: 12 heads for $30
Celeriac: 25 lb for $60
Rutabaga: 25 lb for $48
Watermelon Radishes: 25 lb for $48
Black Spanish Radishes: 25 lb for $48
Purple Bravo Radishes: 25 lb for $42

Bulk orders are available for pick up at either of our Winter Farmers Markets (Pawtucket Wintertime or Original Easton).

Please email us by Thursdays at 6pm so we can have your order ready for pickup on Saturday at the market of your choice.