Harvesting the sunshine

LWF sweet peppersIn the past two weeks we’ve felt a big shift in our harvests. We picked late into the evening last week when there was a threat of frost overnight, bringing in huge amounts of frost-sensitive Peppers & Hot Peppers, Plum Tomatoes, Eggplant, and Potatoes.

And as the last of the summer crops die off for the year we ramp up harvest of Broccoli, Kale, root veggies of all kinds, Cauliflower, and sam unloading broccoliCabbage. This fall is shaping up to be one of our best seasons ever for our root veggies. Our Beets and Carrots (and Radishes and Hakurei and Turnips) benefited from good weed control this summer, plus just the right amount of rain over the last two months, and of course, plenty of sunshine. That means they’re healthy, plentiful, and taste great! Sunshine = good plant sugar and flavonoid development, so the sunny and warm September we had was delightful in more ways than one!

Fall Fun on the Farm continues!

Harvesting our Fall Favorites

Last week we finished harvesting our 2019 crop of Winter Squash from our fields at the Wheaton Farm.  The Squashes were cut from the vine and placed in long windrows where they cured for a few days until we returned with the tractor and bins to collect the precious Squashes and haul them back across town to Langwater.  Now we are stacking and packing the bins away in our warm room for deep winter storage–we’re hoping they last for many months!

Starting tomorrow we’ll be on to the Sweet Potato harvest. Every dry afternoon we’ll be out in the Sweet Potato field, digging those tasty tubers and carefully loading them into crates. Then we’ll haul them to our greenhouse where they will cure for about a week until they are ready to eat. Look for some of the early harvest in the Farmstand in the coming weeks!

Fall Fun starts Saturday!

hay ride green tractor

Free hayrides on weekends!

This Saturday starts our free (!) weekend hayrides out to the Pick Your Own Pumpkin patch.

Put on your choicest plaid and bring your family and friends down for a hayride around the farm, with a stop off to pick a Pumpkin. You can frolic among the plethora of Pumpkins and take all the farm selfies for your social medias.

orange pumpkins at outdoor farmer market. pumpkin patch.  Copy space for your text

Our Pick Your Own Pumpkin patch

Our Corn Maze (tickets: $2/person or $5/family), which is another stop on the hayride, is 2 acres of deliciously creepy, mind-twisting fun for everyone. Extra points for arriving in a scary costume!

hay pyramid green tractor

Our huge hay pyramid!

After your hayride, scale our gigantic hay pyramid and enjoy a summit snack of our freshly-harvested Apple Cider Donuts (while also sipping some delicious local Apple Cider), or take a meander through our pint-sized Hay Maze.

The Hay Maze is perfect for toddlers or for adults who are bad at mazes.

autumn wings gourds fallCelebrate Decorative Gourd Season by adorning your kitchen table with some of our Carving Pumpkins, Sugar Pumpkins, Mini Pumpkins, or our mutant, multi-color warty Gourds.


Happy Fall!

Who weighs more? That massive pumpkin or this cute kid?

Friday Night, Pizza Night!

This Friday, Sept. 20th, is Farm Pizza Night!

Wood-fired Pizzas made fresh.

The Seasonal Special this month is Shishito & Red Onion, plus we’ll have the always-popular Cheese and Pepperoni options. We’ll fire up early at 4pm and finish at 7pm this time because of the EEE threat in Easton at the moment.

Shovel Town Brewery will be coming down with some adult beverages so you can hang out on the party lawn and enjoy some hyper-local beer (brewed 0.8 miles away) with your delicious wood-fired pizza. We’ll also be serving slices of Strawberry Balsamic pie (courtesy of the talented bakers at Bushel + Crumb) for dessert. Is your mouth watering yet?

See you on the party lawn!

Little baby girl eating pizza and laughing outdoors on the background of green grass, summer picnic. Rest in the park.

Kids love pizza.

Winter CSA at Langwater Farm

Join us for the sweetest season! Our Winter CSA

We grow many kinds of organic Winter Squash!

shares are full to the brim with Carrots, Potatoes, Lettuce, Broccoli, Onions, Greens of all kinds, Beets, Sweet Potatoes and Winter Squashes.


Our 8 week Winter CSA season starts the first full week of November and runs through the last full week of December.

You can sign up online or email us at thefarmers@langwaterfarm.com with questions!