No two days are ever the same on the farm—every day is different, no matter how familiar it feels. That’s even more true when it comes to each season. Around this time last year we were already in a level 2 drought, which is certainly not a concern this year. But dealing with the meteorological curve balls keeps the job interesting, and negotiating with the weather gods is probably the most important spiritual side hustle that farmers have.   

The wet weather continues this week, though we’ll get some sun starting Wednesday, which will make our Tomato crop happy. Warm sunny days are what we need right now to push the Tomato crop all the way into ripening. Fingers crossed we get a good stretch of clear weather soon, so we can all enjoy the BLTs and Caprese salads we deserve.


Langwater Farmers Market

Our Langwater Farmers Market is now on Thursdays from 2 – 6pm for the summer season. 

There are two special guests at the market this week—Swirled Sugar with delicious organic cotton candy (!) and Acentria Intensive Foster Care program, a local organization helping kids find permanent, secure & loving homes.

We’ll be hosting Farm Storytime at the market this week at 2:30pm. Come for the PYO Flowers, then stay for the Farmers Market & Storytime!

Vendors this week include:


Farm Pizza Night

Our next Community Pizza Night is Friday, July 23rd from 4-8:30. 

Wood-fired pizza + Shovel Town beer + a picnic table on the party lawn = a perfect summer evening on the farm.

We’ll be firing up our oven and making: 

  • Classic Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • A delicious TBA Seasonal Special featuring our own organic produce. Maybe some Tomatoes? Maybe some Zucchini? Recipe testing continues and we’ll let you when we hit the flavor jackpot. 

Then another Community Pizza Night is on deck for Friday, August 20th. 

Playing Catch(up)

Sometimes farming feels a little like playing catch with the weather, volleying back and forth in rhythm with an old friend. But then every once and a while the weather starts throwing erratically and pelting you with wild pitches. The downpours over the weekend had that kind of feel.

So this week the farm crew is scrambling to lob some pitches back, in the form of catchup work in the field that couldn’t be done in a downpour. Every day after morning harvest is done, we’ll be out in the Tomato fields getting caught up on trellising our early successions and pounding stakes in the ground to support future growth of our later successions. The stake and trellis system is the best way we’ve found to support our Tomato crops, but it’s pretty labor intensive and can only be done when the plants are dry (working with wet plants spreads leaf-surface diseases around in the field–no good!).

A few years ago we did a time lapse video of the stake pounding process for one of the Tomato fields, which is slightly hypnotic to watch. We wish 3 hours of work really could be completed in just the 56 seconds it takes in the video!

The transition from spring to summer usually feels a bit more subtle than it did this season. A heat wave in early June is quite a melodramatic way for summer to arrive—it felt like a trapdoor opened and here we are.

But now it definitely feels like summer on the farm, as our harvest mornings include hours picking Squash and Zucchini, and other early summer crops like Garlic Scapes and Beets. Spring crops like Broccoli, Strawberries, and some of our greens crops will have their last hurrah this week and next. Then they’re on summer vacation until the fall, but they’ll be back in September! 


We’re open for Pick Your Own every day this week from 10am – 1pm (’til 2pm on 

Thursday so you can also come to the Farmers Market & Farm Storytime–see info below).

We have hayrides out to the Strawberry patch (tickets $3), or you can walk out on the farm roads.

Up-to-the-minute PYO info—including field conditions, openings & closings, and more—is available on the pinned post on our facebook pageYou don’t need a facebook account to view our page. 

See you out in the Strawberry patch!