Best farm pics of 2018

As we head into the home stretch of 2018, we want to thank you all for all the support and love you’ve showed us this season. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be part of this community.

Looking back on the season, we remember lots of good food, hard work, and plenty of laughter and joy too. Scrolling back through our Instagram feed, we picked out a few of the highlights of the season.

Starting off the season with some crop planning, family farm-style
insta seed ordering kevin char

Made some new friends in our greenhouse
insta black butterfuly greenhouse

Put in some long days taking care of our crops
insta field crew mulching beds

Grew some delicious organic food
insta strawberry porn

Worked with an awesome crew
insta gennaro sunflowers truck bed

Made some pizza in our sweet new pizza oven
insta pizza oven

Grew some yummy Tomatoes..
insta tomato hands

..which won some trophies…
insta tomato trophies on the wall

..which earned us a spot on Chronicle (!!)
insta chronicle filming tomato field

Everybody stopped by for Pick Your Own Strawberries & Raspberries & Flowers & Pumpkins
insta raspberry fingers

We made some Apple Cider Donuts & hosted some birthday parties…
insta kevin amanda donut eating contest

..and sold some Christmas trees to close out the year!
insta twinkly red tractor


lwf gift cardIf you’re looking for a great present for the local foodies in your life, Langwater Farm gift cards are exactly what they need! We have gift cards available in any denomination, so they’re perfect for little stocking stuffers or a year’s supply of delicious organic fruits & veggies.

Stop by the Farmstand to pick one up, or order online and we’ll ship it to you if you’re not local.

Thanks for a great Farmstand season, everyone! Our last day at the Farmstand is Sunday, December 23rd. We’re at the Original Easton Farmers Market and the Pawtucket Wintertime Market every Saturday until late April. Then we’ll see you back at the Farmstand on Saturday, May 4th, 2019.

Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa & Happy New Year!!!

2019 CSA signups are open!

dirty carrots barrel washer decemberclean carrots barrel washer decemberIt’s hard to believe that even as we’re winding down this season, we’re already starting on the 2019 season. While we’re still wrapping up field operations, cleaning out various corners of the barn, and continuing to wash our seemingly endless supply of Carrots, we’ve been mulling over the year ahead. Over the weekend we started the first round of planning for the 2019 season, sorting out CSA logistics and thinking about planting and harvesting windows that are months and months away.

2019 csa signups graphicSo we’re happy to announce that 2019 CSA signups are open! If you’re looking to get a jump on next year, you can signup online or download a paper form. CSA shares also make great gifts! Check out the CSA page for lots more details and the full list of shares that are available.


HIP logoWe got some good news recently–SNAP’s Healthy Incentive Program (HIP) has been extended through the end of February, thanks to some great work by the MA Food System Collaborative and others. So you can keep earning HIP dollars that go back on your EBT card when you buy produce at the Farmstand or at the Original Easton Farmers Market (we’ll be selling there starting Dec. 29th).

The HIP program will be on hiatus starting March 1st, but then will resume in the Spring of 2019.


And lastly, Bushel + Crumb pies will be back at the Farmstand for Christmas this season. Their delicious pies are filled with local produce and baked in an unbelievably delicious crust (no, really, it’s amazing). This time around the choices are: jumbleberry streusel pie

You can pre-order until this Saturday (Dec. 15th) for pickup at the Farmstand on Sunday, Dec. 23rd, or you can stop by the Farmstand that day to buy one (come early though, they sell very fast).

The Winter Sun

winter fieldsThe winter sun rises late and stays low on the horizon as we edge towards the Winter Solstice. As farmers we’re always acutely aware of the sky—the weather, of course, but also the position and angle of the sun, and the length of the days. The sun is our lifeblood, our taskmaster, and our measure of the seasons—all good reasons to pay attention to him.

greens in sunlightSo we shift our harvest schedules to accommodate the light and the frost in the mornings. In the afternoons we’ve been staying busy with year-end cleanup projects in the barn and the greenhouse, cleaning tools and packing things away until next season.

onions curing in barn

Our storage crops are also getting their last bits of attention before we stack them in crates and bins reaching up to the barn ceilings. If all goes well, we’ll still be pulling crates off those stacks for our winter farmers markets that run well into April.

dave says hi from the transplanter tomatoesSome of our crew members are headed off at this time of year, some for travel, new jobs, or new cities. We’re sad to see them go, but some will return in the spring, and we hope the others will send word back about their adventures out in the world.