Happy Thanksgiving!

pexel cornucopeia fall veggiesWe love Thanksgiving!! A holiday built around being grateful for a successful harvest, made possible by the hard work of a community? Also featuring a cornucopia of delicious foods, and traditionally including a large and diverse selection of vegetables?? Yes, please!!

thanksgiving table 2017While we cook this week and feast on Thursday, we’ll be thinking back over the season and appreciating how lucky we are to be farming this gorgeous piece of land in this amazing community. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support and enthusiasm this season and for the past nine years. We wish you all a delightful & delicious Thanksgiving!

abundance-agriculture-crop-157310Note: The Farmstand is closed on Thursday and Friday this week so that our hardworking crew can spend some time celebrating with their families. CSA members: if you have a Thursday or Friday CSA pickup, please plan to swing by to get your share today, tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday.

balsam wreath pinecones red berries square

We’ll be open for Small Business Saturday with a full selection of holiday greenery!

Stop by for wreaths, roping & garlands, mantle pieces and more. If you want to get your tree now, we’ll wrap it with our handy dandy tree netting contraption, which can also be used to wrap up any unruly teenagers you may have.

When it rains…

Purple and pink Red Russian KaleWhile rain is critical to our survival (as humans and as farmers), the rain has seemed unrelenting this fall, and we’ll have another inch or two by the time this current storm is done. It’s been slowing us down in the field as we have to wait to time root-digging harvests just right, and it’s been slowing our crops down too. Rainy days mean less sunlight (which obviously slows plant growth) but water-logged soils also slow plant growth. Plant roots (and their partners in crime, the soil microbes and mycelium) need oxygen to draw nutrients from the soil. When the ground is soaked with rain, oxygen can’t get to the plant roots and their friends, which hampers their ability to collect the nutrients they need out of the soil.

pexels carrots dirtyWe’re seeing this affecting several different crops right now–smaller Carrots than we’re usually harvesting at this time of year, smaller Kale plants, as well as delays to harvesting some crops. Despite the challenge of all this rain, we were able to finish planting two important fall-planted crops for next year: Sunchokes and Garlic.

The Sunchokes (aka Jerusalem Artichokes) that are in the CSA, the Organic Harvest OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoxes, and in the Farmstand this week were planted last fall and we’re happy they’re finally ready to eat. With the cold nights coming later this week, cranking up the oven to roast some Sunchokes sounds like the perfect plan to chase away the cold, rainy blues.

The Sweetest Season

DaveFallKaleHarvestEarly November is still a heavy harvesting season on the farm, and our harvest crew is hopping. We’re still bringing in fresh greens every day, plus digging a lot of root veggies & tubers that we’re stashing away for the long winter months. Harvesting is some of the most satisfying work on the farm, which is one of the reasons we call this time of year the Sweetest Season. All our planning and hard work throughout the whole year is coming to fruition.

The vegetables in season now are also some of the sweetest we grow. Leafy greens like Lettuce and Kale actually get sweeter with cold weather. Chilly nights signal our crops to produce more sugar in their leaves to prevent the water in their cells from freezing (and bursting the cells, causing the plants to die).cropped-lwf11.jpgRoot veggies like Carrots bump up sugar production in their roots as a way to store enough energy to make it through the winter. When we harvest these crops now, in this window of time in the late fall, we capture all that sweetness. But like everything on the farm, we have to savor it now, because the sun sets quickly on this moment.

2018 FTT tractor sunset

Fall Gardening Special!

Attention growers & gardeners! We’re having a sale on all our Certified Organic Coast of Maine stock: 25% off on mulches, composts & top soil! In stock currently:

COM organic growers pic

Thanksgiving Pies from Bushel + Crumb are returning!

unnamed-1Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we’re menu-planning already! If you’d like to outsource dessert this year, we’ll have Bushel + Crumb’s fabulous pies available again.

Choices will be:

  • Caramel Apple Cranberry
  • Wild Maine Blueberry Maple
  • unnamed-2Sweet Potato & Coconut Custard (so good!)
  • Classic Pumpkin
  • Salted Honey Walnut
  • Savory Winter Squash with Caramelized Onions (not a dessert pie, but excellent nevertheless!)

unnamedWe’ll have them available for sale on the Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, or you can pre-order to guarantee you get exactly the types and quantities you want. The pre-order deadline is Thursday, Nov. 15th.