Garden Planning

Whatever your dream garden looks like this year…

  • a kitchen garden with veggies & herbs to feed your family & neighbors
  • a cutting garden full of your favorite flowers
  • or a butterfly & pollinator support garden

…we have some good resources to help you! First you can check out our last newsletter for some great books on getting started with a garden. We also have some really useful (& fun!) web-based resources to suggest. These sites have planning tools, plant ‘dictionaries’ with lots of growing info, and a full listing of advice articles and how-tos.

  1. First, it’s free (yay!) and has a bunch of excellent out-of-the-box kitchen garden plans all ready to go. Choose from 26 designs, including a few we think look awesome:

    Cocktail Garden (large)

  2. is another tool we really like, with all of the same features mentioned above. This one also has souped-up features like a garden journal to record everything, and to-buy and to-do lists that are automagically generated from the garden plan you create. You can even get your garden to-do list to sync to your personal calendar so everything schedules itself. This one’s a pay-for though, with 2 options: $6 for 3 months or $20 for a year.

Once you have your plan in place, then comes the fun part—garden shopping! We are growing TONS of seedlings to fill your garden:

UTS pansies


  • veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, sugar snap peas, broccoli, kale, zucchini & summer squash, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers and more
  • flowers for your garden like pansies, petunias, impatiens, marigolds, begonias, sweet alyssum & geraniums
  • culinary herbs like basil, rosemary, chives, thyme, sage, lavender, lemon verbena, oregano, dill, cilantro & parsley
  • plus a full selection of seeds so you can plant your own peas, carrots, beets, beans & sunflowers


Bring your plant list or come to browse and see what catches your eye. We’ll have lots of choices!

Need some gardening advice? Have a plant question? Give us a shout on facebook or Instagram anytime and we’ll give you our 2¢!

Opening Day for our Farmstand is May 5th!

Seedlings on tables outside our wooden farmstand

We’ll have plenty of veggie starts, herb starts & flower starts!

Opening Day 2018 is Saturday, May 5th!

Spring salads! Fresh veggies! Garden-ready seedlings! We’ll have all that and more Saturday morning, May 5th, at 10am. Our regular farmstand hours (Tuesday through Sunday, 10am – 6pm) will be in effect from May 5th through December 23rd this season.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again!

Spring…? Soon? Please?

Closeup of

Our greenhouse is full of little plants waiting to go outside!

Spring has been pretty elusive this year. A few mild, sunny days followed by cold, damp nights and even some snow squalls (!!) make it seem like Spring hasn’t quite decided to take the reins from Winter.

However, this is the perfect time to start dreaming about your garden. And we’ve got some reading material for your brain to chew on while we wait for Spring to get her act together.

This is the first of two parts on getting ready for gardening season. Next up: great new resources for garden planning.  Look for it May 1st.