Strawberries are here!!

strawberry & fieldStrawberry season is making a fashionably-late debut this year, but we’re so glad it’s finally here!! The chilly spring stagnated plant growth, delayed flowering, and slowed berry formation, but now the field and the plants are looking great regardless.

strawberries close upOur organic Strawberries are always fresh-picked and absolutely PACKED with flavor and sweetness. They’re super tender and juicy too. Eating fresh-picked, local berries is always a revelation. The difference between these and grocery store berries is amazing. Two important notes:

  • Don’t wash your berries until right before you eat them. We don’t spray any synthetic or chemical nastiness, so they just need a quick rinse, not a full soak. Soaking them causes water logging issues and dilutes the flavor and sweetness and vastly shortens the edible life and general quality.
  • Eat your berries quickly. Organic berries are more prone to developing soft spots and mold when held for extended periods because we don’t spray anything on them to retard the growth of those things.

maddie strawberries

The weather forecast for this weekend is looking decent enough that we think we’ll be able to open the field to Pick Your Own starting Saturday. However, as always with PYO crops, please check our facebook before you head over. We’ll update our facebook page with up-to-the-minute PYO info. You don’t need an account to see our page.

friends strawberry picking fieldThe fine print: the Pick Your Own Strawberry patch is about a 15 minute walk from the Farmstand. We have free hayrides on weekends, running in a loop starting at 10am. Anyone over 3 years old needs to buy (or have purchased for them if they’re short of funds or can’t count as high as 6) at least one quart punnet to access the field. It’s $6/quart and $32 for a 6 quart flat. On a PYO day, the fields are open until the crop is picked out or at the manager’s discretion.

PLEASE check our facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

The Strawberry season is always short, but worth the wait. We hope you enjoy them this year!more-certified-organic-strawberries

Just in time for the end of school

We have a new present idea for you! Pick Your Own Flower Bouquet gift cards are now available at the Farmstand–these make great teacher gifts! Each gift card comes in a mason jar that doubles as a vase for the bouquet. We’ll be opening the flower patch for picking in about a month and there’ll be blooms through September.

Nutrition Corner: Napa Cabbage

By: Kaitlyn Shannon, RD, LDN

Napa Cabbage is a versatile cousin to the dense European cabbage, with an oblong head and light green leaves. The leaves are crinkly and crisp, great for enjoying raw or holding up well in a cooked dish. It pairs well with flavors like sesame, garlic, curry, miso, beets, and meats like pork, beef, and lamb.

Also known as Chinese Cabbage, Napa Cabbage is commonly prepared as part of a stir fry. Serve this Stir-Fried Napa Cabbage with Spicy Garlic Dressing along with rice and your protein of choice. Napa Cabbage is also a common ingredient in kimchi, a fermented vegetable medley. If you’ve never made kimchi before, this Korean Kimchi recipemay be worth your while. And if you happen to have left over kimchi, try adding it to this Spicy Kimchi Slaw recipe. Yum!  And are you sick of having the same lunch meals during the week? This Napa Cabbage Salad with Parmesan and Pistachios recipe may answer the call for variety you need.

Napa Cabbage offers more than just a tasty meal. It is packed with nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, fiber, and Vitamins B, C, and K. These nutrients serve our bodies in everyday movements, regulation of fluid balance, and the healing process. How will you enjoy your Napa Cabbage this week? Be sure to share your recipes and tag @langwaterfarm in your posts—we love seeing what you make with your veggies!

Farm events

be well and rise logoThis summer we’re partnering with Kristen Keaney of Be Well & Rise to offer a series of yoga classes for adults, kids storytime & yoga classes, and kids nutrition & yoga classes. Our first adult yoga class is this Saturday, June 15th at 9:30am. Tickets are available from Be Well & Rise. Here’s the schedule through July:

  • June Farm Yoga (for adults), Saturday 6/15 at 9:30
  • June Farm Storytime & Yoga(for kids), Wednesday 6/26 at 10:30
  • July Farm Yoga (for adults), Saturday 7/20 at 9am
  • July Farm Storytime & Yoga (for kids), Wednesday 7/24 at 10:30

Yoga in the park


gennaro pizza ovenWe have two Farm Pizza Nights upcoming:

  • Friday, June 21st (Summer Solstice!), 5 – 8pm
  • Friday, July 19th, 5 – 8pm

We’ll have our wood-fired oven going and a few different toppings to choose from, including a seasonal specialty: Squash Blossom & Garlic Scape. Plus we’ll have beer from Shovel Town Brewery. You can take your pizzas to go or enjoy them with a beer at the picnic tables on the party lawn, overlooking the field. Kids of all ages are welcome!

We love Pizza Nights on the farm and we hope you’ll come hang out with us!


CSA starts next week!

Drumroll, please….Our Full Season CSA (Whole & Half shares) kicks off next Tuesday, May 21st–our 10th CSA season!

2017 FTT landscapeWe’re excited to be off and running on a new CSA season, to see some long-familiar members (some folks have been CSA sharers for all 10 years!), and meet some new members. We’ll be sending all CSA members a reminder email later in the week with info on pickup logistics and what to expect  Fresh mixed salad field greens piled closeup view(spoiler alert: reports from the field indicate there’ll definitely be Salad Mix and Chives in the shares next week!).

Note: This week is the last week to sign up for a Whole or Half share in the Full Season CSA, including Market CSA shares at Attleboro, Brookline & Davis Square. 

ohb 3x3 gridThis cold & wet spring has our crops in the field lagging a bit behind, so we’re holding off on the start of Organic Harvest Box (OHB) season for another 2 weeks. Usually OHBs are available as soon as the CSA starts, but as much as we’ve tried, we can’t make the sun shine when it doesn’t want to.

Garden Action Plan

Kid in a garden experience and ideaAround here, mid-May is the time to really get going in your garden. Now is ideal to prep for planting warm weather crops and it’s still not too late to get in some spring crops that will look good now or be ready for harvest soon.

Here’s what’s ready on our Plant Patio this week:

plant patio may 14 2019

We have hand-selected seeds of all kinds to round out your spring planting:

seed inventory may 2019

To ensure your garden gets the nutrients it needs, we have all-organic compost, soil, plant food & mulch from Coast of Maine:

If you’re a plan-first type of gardener, we have a really useful (& fun!) resource to suggest–  This site has a bunch of planning tools, a plant encyclopedia with lots of growing info, and a full listing of advice articles and how-tos. Whether you’re looking to create a kitchen garden with veggies & herbs to feed your family, a cutting garden full of your favorite flowers, or a butterfly & pollinator support garden, we have the plants and seeds you’ll need to make it happen.

And if you need gardening advice or have a plant question, give us a shout on facebook or Insta anytime and we’ll give you our 2¢!

Vegetable garden

Back in the Farmstand groove

fs hanging basket red tractor no peopleFarmstand Opening Day on Saturday was a success (and the weather mostly cooperated, which was delightful)! We’re glad to be back! While we’ve been slowed down a bit in the field by the chilly, rainy spring (see last week’s Enterprise article and farm photo spread), we’ve been busy in the greenhouse growing TONS of plants for your garden.

fs lavender seedlingsRight now we’re mostly stocking our seedling tables with cool weather crops like Lettuce and greens, Herbs, and plenty of flowers like Petunias, Marigolds, Impatiens, and Begonias.

However, the warm weather crops like Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Squash & Basil are coming right up! Once the nights warm up a touch, we’ll have them out and ready to take home to your garden. coast of maine display potting soil COMIn the meantime, we have everything you need to prep your garden for planting: compost, top soil, mulch, seed starting mix, and more.

Out in the field this morning we’ve been harvesting lots of Salad Greens–that’s one crop that actually likes cool, wet weather! Once harvest finishes up for the day, we’ll be back out planting as much as we can before the rain again tonight. On deck for the transplant crew today: yet another succession of Lettuce–this one we’ll be harvesting in early June if all goes well.

liz sam liz harvesting salad mix

Mother’s Day is this Sunday

flower csa share zinnias gomphrena salvia jessica beresford

flower csa gift pack burlapWe’ve got you covered if you’re still looking for a gift. Our Flower CSA Gift Packs come with a Ball jar vase and a pair of scissors so your mom will be all ready for her first flower picking outing. 12 weeks of PYO flower bouquets will keep her kitchen table looking festive all summer long.

We also have lovely hanging baskets and colorful bedding plants (including dahlias) to brighten up her garden this spring.

If your mom likes to cook (or make cocktails!) with fresh herbs, we have our Plant Bar set up and we’ll help you plant the perfect herb box for her patio or windowsill.

fs petunia hanging basket lantern

Langwater CSAs

We’ll have CSA shares available for a few more weeks:

You can snag your CSA share for this season online or by sending us a paper sign-up form. We’re planning a rainbow of veggies for our all CSAs this year. A diverse, super-fresh, constantly-changing cornucopia of organic veggies starts in May and rolls all the way through late December. We have a few different options and styles, so take a look and find the one that fits your tastes & schedule.

Questions about how our shares work? Check out our FAQ or email us–we love to talk veggies!

Pickups for our Full Season CSA (Whole & Half shares) start the week of May 20th.