Garlic harvest 2020

Mid-July means heavy harvests (we’re looking at you, Squash & Cukes) and long sunny days planting our fall crops (fall Carrots and Beets being seeded this week!) and harvesting our Garlic. Garlic harvest is always a milestone in the farm season, the culmination of lots of patience, care, and hard work.

garlic shoots in march fieldWe planted this Garlic last fall, in simpler times. They put down roots through December, hibernated through the coldest part of winter, and emerged with their first little green shoots in early March, back in the before-times. In early March we didn’t understand the changes that were almost on top of us. kevin march strawberry mulch 1This season has been a wild ride for everyone—often frustrating, sometimes painful, always unexpected. It’s strange to think that when this Garlic was planted, the world was a very different place. That time feels much farther away than just 9 months ago.

Once our Garlic crop is harvested, they still have some time left on their journey before they arrive at your kitchen cupboards. They’ll be brought in from the field and dried on tall racks set up in our barn, surrounded by large fans for maximum air circulation. langwater red garlic closeup squareThis curing process fortifies them for winter storage, ensuring that they’ll remain firm and vital, even when stashed away without sunlight or water, two elements we usually know to be critical to life.

In cured form, the bulbs can remain robust and spicy for long periods, retaining the legendary health benefits and versatile, delicious flavor that Garlic is known for throughout the world. A healthy, hardy food that improves flavor in diverse dishes seems like the perfect ally for the rest of 2020.



Summer seed saving

rapeseed flowerInspired by some champion seed savers,  this season we’re saving seed from our favorite storage Turnip variety, the hometown hero Macomber Turnip. Macombers are a fantastic heirloom variety bred by the Macomber brothers in Westport, MA in the 1870’s and famous throughout New England for their flavor and heartiness.

turnip tops in gh

Last fall we left a few turnips in the field, letting them overwinter so they’d send up flower stalks and make seed this summer. Last week we harvested them (very carefully so as not to knock much seed off)  and brought them into our greenhouse.Here they’ll dry for a bit and then we’ll thresh them, winnow them, and then plant them in about a month. This fall we’ll have delicious, long-storing Macombers to keep us supplied through next spring.

Plant Patio

plant patio july 8

Happy fields, happy farmers

pyo flower field june 2020 cosmos

We asked for rain, and we sure got it. Over 2″ of rain in the last few days has made our crops, and our crew, very happy. This mild weather is a joy to work in as well–the farm crew consensus is 5 stars to high temps in the 70s and low 80s.

larkspur close up flower patchThe Pick Your Own Flower patch is open for the season with lots of Zinnias, Cosmos, Marigolds, Larkspur, Calendula, and Snapdragons to bring home for your kitchen table. This will come as no surprise, but the PYO Flower patch has extra rules this season because of Covid. Please check our PYO page so you know what to expect. Flowers CSA shares will start next week (Flower sharers: watch your inbox for an email later this week).

Plant Patio

plant patio june 29 2020

In the Farmstand

All produce is Certified Organic and grown by us, unless otherwise noted.

Zucchini & Summer Squash
Sugar Snap Peas
Snow Peas
Fava Beans
Spring Onions
Slicing Cucumbers
Pickling Cucumbers
Spicy Greens Mix (limited)
Salad Mix
Napa Cabbage
Spinach (limited)
Spring Cabbage
Garlic Scapes
Raspberries (conventional, from Nourse Farm)
Strawberries (conventional, from Nourse Farm in Whately, MA)
**Starting Friday morning: Bushel + Crumb pies are back! We’ll have Strawberry Rhubarb and Strawberry Balsamic to choose from.**
Dried Beans (conventional, from Green Thumbs Farm in Fryeburg, ME)
Honey (from Bee Well Honey in Pembroke, MA)
Bee Pollen (from Bee Well)
Sweet Heat Hot Sauce
Organic Seeds (veggies & herbs from High Mowing Organic Seeds)