Heat + Sunshine = Yumminess

DaveFallKaleHarvestHot summer days are great for ripening our crops! Out in the field our crops are photosynthesizing at top speed, turning sunlight into sugar and sugar into FLAVOR.

We’ve started skimming a few Tomatoes every other day or so, which is very exciting for us as Tomato nerds. Tomatoes are probably the crop we pride ourselves in the most, and we love eating them just as much as we love growing them. For now the harvest is pretty light, but by next week we should be hauling them in from the field by the truckload.

heirloom tomato wooden cutting board

The hot weather has also been ripening our own organic Sweet Corn and it’s delicious. Corn ripens fast in the heat, but it also dries out quickly, so we’ve been irrigating the Corn field steadily over the past week. We’ve got our fingers crossed for some good rain showers later in the week. Free irrigation is our favorite irrigation.

traveler gun irrigating corn field