Summer seed saving

rapeseed flowerInspired by some champion seed savers,  this season we’re saving seed from our favorite storage Turnip variety, the hometown hero Macomber Turnip. Macombers are a fantastic heirloom variety bred by the Macomber brothers in Westport, MA in the 1870’s and famous throughout New England for their flavor and heartiness.

turnip tops in gh

Last fall we left a few turnips in the field, letting them overwinter so they’d send up flower stalks and make seed this summer. Last week we harvested them (very carefully so as not to knock much seed off)  and brought them into our greenhouse.Here they’ll dry for a bit and then we’ll thresh them, winnow them, and then plant them in about a month. This fall we’ll have delicious, long-storing Macombers to keep us supplied through next spring.

Plant Patio

plant patio july 8