Farmers Market update

With all of you, we’ve been watching the Covid-19 events closely and we’ve been thinking hard about our responsibilities as food producers and community members.

While we want to reduce Covid-19 spread at every point possible, we also want to continue to provide our community with healthy & nutritious vegetables during this health crisis and, importantly, not contribute to any food panic.

pawtucket rooster OPENWe WILL BE at both our winter markets on Saturday:
1. the Original Easton Farmers Market at the Lutheran Church (10am-2pm)
2.the Pawtucket Wintertime Market at the Hope Artiste Village (9am-1pm).
We’ll be taking extra precautions and we ask that you do too (see below).

If you want to stock up on some long-storing essentials, we’ll have the following bulk items packaged and available now for pre-order, as well as our usual selection:

carrots in bags with stickersCarrots 10# for $25; 25# for $50
Beets: 10# for $25; 25# for $50
Yellow Onions: 10# for $25; 25# for $50
Watermelon Radishes: 10# for $20; 25# for $48
Purple Bravo Radishes: 10# for $18; 25# for $42
Macomber Turnips: 10# for $20; 25# for $48
Green Cabbage: half bushel (~18#) for $25
These veggies will keep in their packaging in your fridge for at least several weeks. To order any of these items for pickup at the markets, please email us at by midnight tonight.

We’ll be adding the following precautions at the markets this weekend:
1. Pre-packaging many of our veggies at the farm.
2. Our market crew will all be using vinyl gloves and changing them frequently.
3. Lots of handwashing. All. The. Time.
4. None of our crew is working if they feel sick (and they’ve all been feeling healthy for weeks).
5. We’re changing the way we set up our tables. There will be a few items visible on the tables, but we’ll have plenty of backstock available to restock the tables as purchases are made.
6. We ask that you don’t come to the market if you aren’t feeling well. If you know someone who is sick or particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 (older or has existing respiratory problems), please consider offering to shop for them.
7. Please shop & go. We usually love the party & hangout atmosphere of the market, but for now it’s safer to just make your purchases and go home.

The Easton Board of Health may have additional rules in place for the market tomorrow and they’ll be posted prominently on the doors. The Pawtucket market has the following info for tomorrow’s market:

Please share this post with friends and neighbors. We hope you are all staying healthy & well!