Savoring the December sunlight

We’re in the middle of the darkest part of the year here in mid-December, getting just winter sunset main st fieldover 9 hours of sunlight (on a good day). We savor every minute of it. The Winter Solstice is right around the corner–only 11 days away! The other good news is this week our sunset times start moving back and within a few days we’ll be gaining precious minutes of sunlight at the end of each day. While we still have a few months of unpredictable New England winter weather to get through, at least we’ll be doing it with the benefit of a little more Vitamin D every day.

And speaking of unpredictable winter weather, last week at this time we were shoveling out from 8 inches of snowfall and today we’re out in bare fields wearing t-shirts. Farming in the age of climate change is a wild ride sometimes.

Farmstand Winter Wonderland

The Farmstand was looking great in the snow the other night. It’s an Enchanted Forest!

hayden riley snowy christmas trees

2020 CSA Signups are Open!

strawberry & fieldThe 2020 CSA is now open for registration! For next season we’ll have Whole and Half shares in the Full Season CSA, as well as the Farmstand CSA (ie the “debit” cards) shares, and Flower CSA shares too.

CSA shares and Farmstand CSA cards make great holiday gifts!