CSA hayride

Hayrides to the Pumpkin patch!

What an absolutely incredible weekend on the farm with so many of you coming out to pick Pumpkins and celebrate fall!

We’re honored to host you long-time #langwaterlovers alongside first-timers on this beautiful, historic farmland.

cinderella blue pink pumpkins

Parallel to all the Pumpkin picking hubbub, we are still growing and harvesting lots of food! We’ve officially wrapped up the Sweet Potato harvest and are rolling right into harvesting even more Carrots and Beets, as well as working on other big field projects.

main st field buckwheat

We grow almost a dozen types of cover crops throughout the year.

Every chance we get we’re spreading cover crop seed, giving those seeds time to establish a root system before the coming cold. Next time you’re out in the field or driving by, you’ll see a quilt of cover crops, keeping our soil tucked in and protected from winter weather.

–Erika Rumbley