Harvesting our Fall Favorites

Last week we finished harvesting our 2019 crop of Winter Squash from our fields at the Wheaton Farm.  The Squashes were cut from the vine and placed in long windrows where they cured for a few days until we returned with the tractor and bins to collect the precious Squashes and haul them back across town to Langwater.  Now we are stacking and packing the bins away in our warm room for deep winter storage–we’re hoping they last for many months!

Starting tomorrow we’ll be on to the Sweet Potato harvest. Every dry afternoon we’ll be out in the Sweet Potato field, digging those tasty tubers and carefully loading them into crates. Then we’ll haul them to our greenhouse where they will cure for about a week until they are ready to eat. Look for some of the early harvest in the Farmstand in the coming weeks!