Savoring Summer til the Last Drop

mums etc fs step portrait

Fall colors at the Farmstand

Now that we’ve rounded the corner into September, school’s back in session and daily rhythms re-adjust. But before we push past the end of summer and rush into fall, we still have weeks of summer sunshine left. For now, the farm is still lush and green. The bees are drunk on nectar in the field, unable to decide between the Melon crop, the Tomato crop, the Squash crops, or the plethora of Pick Your Own Flowers.

Hovering 15 feet above the long rows of vegetables, the air is full of dragonflies, snapping up hapless mosquitos and other little buzzers, keeping the ecology of the farm in balance.

sunflower with bumble

Bumblebee on a Sunflower

The bees and the dragonflies know that there is still time to revel in the abundance of summer, so we’re following their example. Our kitchen tables are still featuring colorful Tomatoes and the sweetest Corn of the summer, and dessert is always juicy, messy Watermelon slices. Get it while the gettin’s good!

Tarte à la Tomate Heirloom

Tomato tart with Thyme