We crush on Tomatoes

tomato harvesting crew

As you’re probably well aware, we loooooove Tomatoes on this farm. Like, a whole lot.

So we’re pretty happy right now, watching the harvest crew drive out of the field in trucks laden down with so many crates of juicy, sweet, flavorful, vine-ripened Tomatoes. We feel like kids in Candyland.

In addition to our always-popular and always-delicious Red Slicing Tomatoes, which are great for burgers and BLTs and salsa and bruschetta, we’re growing a bunch of Heirloom varieties we’ve really come to love over the years.

Striped Germans are streaked with yellow, orange, and red on the outside—they basically look like a gorgeous sunset. Inside, those yellows and oranges and reds are all swirled and marbled together like a toddler’s finger painting and just as gorgeous. Like all the yellow/orange Tomatoes we grow, these ones are sweet and mild (i.e. low acid), as well as being real show-stoppers.

Costoluto Genovese, an Italian heirloom variety, has beautiful red color and really intense Tomato flavor. The pronounced ribbing on this variety make them a visually interesting addition to a plate of Caprese Salad done slab-style.

Golden Jubilees are a sunny yellow outside and inside. Mild and sweet, these Tomatoes play well with others in a recipe that has other strong characters (like Onion or Garlic). Plus they add a pop of color, which can be an interesting counterpoint when paired with a classic Red Tomato.

Lastly, Speckled Romans always hold a special place in our hearts. This is an Heirloom variety that is super meaty and has very few seeds. However, unlike the other meaty, but somewhat-bland, Romas and Paste Tomatoes, our Speckled Romans have big flavor. This means they’re super versatile, a trait we always appreciate in the kitchen.

Enjoy your Tomatoes this week!!