Summertime, harvestime

garlic crop

Garlic beds looking lush

Late July is the time to start harvesting the first of the fall storage crops, like Garlic and storage Onions. Last week we finished up our Garlic harvest and then started on storage Onion harvest over the weekend. Both crops need time to ‘cure’, the process of drying them out gently so that they’re able to hold at room temperature for months. We have our curing operation set up in the barn—racks and racks holding thousands of pounds of Onions and Garlic. In the event of a vampire horde attack, head for our barn—I can’t think of a better safe haven.

garlic curing in barn

Garlic curing in the barn

TOMATO UPDATE: We’ve been hearing one question more than any other for the past week: Do you have Tomatoes yet???

handful of red cherry tomatoes

An early harvest of Cherry Tomatoes

Well, kinda.

We’re still waiting on the motherload to ripen enough for harvest, but in the meantime we’ve been skimming off small harvests every day. That means that there are some Tomatoes in the Farmstand every day, but not a consistent supply. It looks like these small harvests will continue for the next couple days. However, the heat and sunshine forecasted for this week are exactly what the doctor ordered. By the weekend we expect to be able to harvest enough to keep the Farmstand fully stocked.

Farm to Table Dinner menu is here!

Chef Chandra at The Farmer’s Daughter has announced the menu for this year’s Farm to Table Dinner on Saturday, August 17th, and it looks amazing!

ftt dinner menu 2019

Tickets are available now. We will enjoy this amazing menu al

Sunset in the peach orchard

fresco in our Peach orchard, overlooking the fields and Langwater Pond, watching a summer sunset. It’s really magical.

We hope you’ll come celebrate with us.

Upcoming events

On Saturday, August 10th, we’re bringing our wood-fired Pizza oven on the road! We’ll be at Night at the Brewseum at the Children’s Museum Easton making delicious pizza to go with the beer selections from 16+ local breweries. The brewery lineup is impressive and tickets are still available here2019 night brewseum logo*****

The lovely Kristen Keaney of Be Well & Rise is teaching yoga classes at the farm this summer, including some for kids.
Here’s the schedule for the next month:
  • August Farm Yoga(for adults), Saturday 8/10 at 9am
  • August Kids Yoga & Nutrition Class with PYO Cherry Tomatoes, Saturday 8/24 at 10:30
Our next Farm Pizza Nights are going to be:
  • Friday, August 23rd, 5 – 8pm
  • Friday, September 20th, 5 – 8pm
See you on the party lawn!