Rain is a good thing

main st field summertimeWe’ve had some roller coaster weather the past few days—from the weekend’s sweltering heat and high of 94 (and it felt like 108) to today’s chilly downpours and forecasted high of…68. While we’d like a little less water in the field right now, for the most part the crops are taking it in stride. Our Tomatoes are doing great and it’s looking like we’ll have some good ones ready to pick late week or over the weekend. lwf organic corn at farmstandAnd we started picking our own organic Sweet Corn today, which is always exciting for us—we love the change of pace of picking a new crop.

The field crew has more planting on the docket this week—fall crops like Broccoli and Lettuce—as well as the usual field chores of weeding and cultivating. But this rain means we probably won’t have to irrigate for a week! Rain is a good thing.


Breathe deep, stretch deep

We are feeling lucky to have TWO yoga classes at the farm this week:

  • Storytime & Yoga for kids on Wednesday, 7/24, at 10:30am
  • Farm Yoga (for adults) on Saturday, 7/27, at 9am

Both are taught by Kristen Keaney of Be Well & Rise and tickets are available at her webstore.