Gearing up in the greenhouse

ben liz cleaning greenhouse springSeeds: Go!
Potting soil: Go!
Greenhouse: Go!

Sparkling clean and full of bright winter sunlight, our main greenhouse is up and running! We’ve scrubbed and swept, organized our seeds, brought in several small mountains of potting soil, and now the game is afoot.

We often think of seeding the first seeds of the season as dropping a sam tractor potting soil greenhouse springball into a Rube Goldberg machine: one small action starts everything, each action triggers the next, there’s no stopping once you’ve started, and it’s all connected in a giant web of cross-ties and interdependencies.

onion flats in warm room springOnions are usually our very first crop to get seeded in the greenhouse, and it’s no different this year. These’ll be planted out into the field in April and May, harvested and cured in August, and on your table in September. Godspeed, little Onions, and may the Force be with you!

liz seeding onions close up