Holiday afterglow

In the afterglow of Thanksgiving, we’re delighted to find ourselves in pexels thanksgiving leftoversThanksgiving Leftovers Season–one of our favorite seasons around here. Short, but unforgettable, it always includes a luxurious amount of vegetables. Last night we surveyed our holdings in the fridge: roasted Carrots, Sweet Potato casserole, Brussels Sprouts & bacon, mashed Potatoes, and roasted Winter Squash. Not to mention turkey, stuffing, Cranberry sauce, and gravy. We’ve been eating like kings & queens, and we’re grateful for it.

As the unseasonably wet and cold weather continues to bog us down in the field, we’re farmstand decorated for christmas nightcheered up by all the festiveness at the Farmstand these days. Christmas trees (Fraser Firs) from our friends down in North Carolina have arrived, as well as wreaths, garlands, and other holiday greenery. The Calhoun family in Ashe County, NC runs Big Springs Nursery & Tree Farm and grows gorgeous and fragrant Fraser Firs. Frasers are known for their beautiful color, excellent needle retention, strong branches, and lovely scent, which is why we’ve fallen in love with them. Just walking by the Farmstand these days is a fragrant treat–your move, Yankee Candle!


Deliciously fragrant Fraser Firs are the best Christmas trees!