Eat More Greens!

field of greensChilly nights in October bring out the best in greens of all kinds. And we have a full complement of kinds to choose from this week: Kale, Spigarello, Mizuna & Bok Choi are all in abundance out in our fields. Here’s a guide to some of the greens we’re featuring now:

Kale: 3 very different varieties (Curly, Lacinato & Red Russian) mean we have the right Kale for whatever recipe you’re cooking up.

curly kale– Curly Kale is the perfect variety to use for the ever-popular Kale Chips. The ruffles do an excellent job holding the salt and any other spices you add.

lacinato kale– Lacinato (aka Dino Kale) the the best choice for Portuguese Kale Soup or any high heat/long-cooking recipes. It’s sturdy enough to hold up in conditions that other greens fall apart in, and has a deep & complex flavor that shines in soups.

red russian kale– Red Russian is the hands down best Kale for a quick sautee with garlic and lemon juice. It’s so tender and sweet that it stands easily on its own. This variety is the farm-favorite and has been for years. This is the variety that will change your mind about Kale, if you’ve never been a fan.

spigarello greensSpigarello: mild & sweet, this super-trendy 2nd cousin of Kale is having a moment. If Spinach and Broccoli Rabe fell in love, this would be the result. Try it with pine nuts and balsamic.

purple mizuna greensMizuna: a little spicy, a little peppery. Mizuna is gaining popularity as an alternative to Arugula, and it’s just as versatile. Chopped roughly it can be added to a salad, or it can be the salad–like in this recipe with Pomegranate seeds & Apples.

bok choyBok Choi: The classic Asian green that shows up in dishes all over East and Southeast Asia. There’s a reason why stir-fried with Garlic and Ginger is the go-to recipe for Bok Choi. It’s delicious. But up for something different? Try Spicy Coconut-Salmon Curry, which has the added bonus of being a one-pot dinner dish.

Looking for the staple greens like Lettuce? Don’t worry, we’ve got that too! Sometimes all you need is a simple salad to scratch that green-vegetable itch.

main st field greens sunset