Farms + Kids = Healthy, Happy, Thriving Communities

farm to school month logoOctober is National Farm to School Month! The Farm to School movement has been working for years on 3 key ways to build & strengthen the connection between good food, local farmers, and schools from pre-school to college:

  • Educating kids on how to make smart, responsible choices about what to eat.
  • Getting healthy, locally-grown food in front of kids by fostering a robust supply chain from farm to cafeteria.
  • Giving kids first-hand experience of how food is grown through school gardens and field trips to working farms.

kids win farmers win communities win pic

At Langwater, we are ardent supporters of these goals–this is our jam!! We work hard to grow the highest quality organic vegetables and fruits here because that’s what we want to feed our kids–and we think that’s what ALL kids should have access to. This should be the norm, not the exception.

We’re passionate about bringing school groups of all ages out to the fields and showing IMG_9320them how the magical combination of sunlight, water, and good soil produces the most tasty snacks. And several of our crew members have enjoyed the experience of delivering an order to a school Food Service Manager who squees in delight as they unload box after box of just-harvested Carrots and Lettuce and Potatoes. We think this is how the world should be, all the time. And we think we’re getting a little bit closer to that reality every day.

If you’d like more info on how to promote the healthy food/local farms/schools connection, check out the Farm to School Network or Mass. Farm to School for resources, consulting services, and toolkits of all kinds.