Paprika is your new favorite Pepper

This is peak season for one of our very favorite Peppers–Paprika! Our Paprikas are a beautiful rich red, with a touch of sweetness, and bursting with flavor. They only have a little heat in them, so they’re super versatile. We’ve been putting them on pizza and adding them to chili–a perfect antidote to a raw, wet day.

paprika peppers close upOur friends at Chez Pascal in Providence have been making amazing pickles with them–sweet and a little spicy and so good! We’ve also tried roasting them, grilling them, and frying them. Each method works well and results in a yummy addition to a sandwich, a burger, or a bratwurst. And of course, you can always go the traditional route–dry them and grind into a powder. Then you can keep them all winter long to chase away the winter blahs.


Bonus Paprika fact: Paprika Peppers are prominent in Hungarian cuisine (even though they’re originally from Mexico). Back in the bad old communist days, farmers in Hungary were forbidden from milling their own Paprikas. The full Paprika harvest had to be turned over to the state-run mills and farmers caught holding back some of their Paprikas could be jailed. Once dried and milled, the Paprika was exported for hard currency–the communists were perpetually short of cash and Paprikas were a sure-fire way to get dollars.

Pizza Night Rescheduled

After last Friday’s rainout, we’re crossing our fingers for good weather this Friday, October 5th. Our Pizza Night will start at 4:30 and wrap up at 7pm. See you there!