Deep in the Heart of Tomato Season

ashley picking cherry tomatoesStill deep in the heart of Tomato season, we’re out in the tomato fields every day picking Cherry Tomatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes, and our famous Red Beefsteak Tomatoes.

It seems like every few hours another farm truck rolls up to the barn, the bed full of colorful crates of Tomatoes just picked from the field.

handful of red cherry tomatoes

‘Braveheart’ Red Cherry Tomatoes

Some are the color of the sunset, or a trippy Jackson Pollock painting, some are dusky purple like crushed velvet, some glowing orange like a summertime popsicle, others are a deep ruby red or a delicate spring green. We are constantly sampling them all–Tomato Quality Control is a coveted job around here–to make sure they’re as juicy, flavorful & delicious as we dream about all winter.

heirloom tomato layout

Tomato varieties from top left: Striped German, Speckled Roman, Cherokee Purple, Golden Jubilee, our favorite Beefsteak variety with the unsexy name of BHN-589, Berkeley Tie Dye, Berkeley Tie Dye again (top view), Costoluto Genevose, and Cherokee Green.