heirloom tomato hands squareOur Tomato harvest is in full swing and we are loving it! Tomatoes are our favorite crop to grow (and to eat!), so we look forward to Tomato season all year long.

heirloom tomato display

Right now we’re harvesting some of our favorite Heirloom varieties like Cherokee Purple, Striped German, Speckled Roman, and Arkansas Traveler. Harvesting Cherry Tomatoes is a special treat, too. There’s an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and almost every color in the rainbow is represented in our Cherry Tomato beds.

regular red tomato displayOur classic red Beefsteak Tomatoes are bearing heavily and tasting great, too. We’ve been enjoying some epic BLT’s, Margarita pizzas, and huge batches of fresh Tomato salsa. YUM.

If you read the newsletter last month about the feats of strength performed by our guy, Mike “The Brockton Hammer” Nevins, here’s an update on how his Tomato beds are looking these days. We’ll be harvesting this planting of Tomatoes soon!

tomato beds shenanigan update