Tomato harvest 2018 has begun!

sunpeach cherry tomato closeup

Organic Cherry Tomatoes are here!

The wait is finally over! The 2018 Tomato harvest is ON!!

Tomatoes are hands down our FAVORITE crop here at Langwater. Nothing beats a fresh, vine-ripened Tomato at the peak of flavor. We take a lot of pride in our Tomatoes because we think they are the essence of summer–juicy, sweet, flavorful & ephemeral.

We’ve got several kinds and colors of Cherry Tomatoes ripening like mad in the field–pink ones like these, plus red Grape Tomatoes, red round ones, and yellow Grape Tomatoes. We’re just starting to pick some red slicing and heirloom Tomatoes as well, and the harvest will increase each day as the week goes on.

red tomato close up 1

Red slicing Tomatoes (aka Beefsteaks) are ripe & ready!

Time for the first BLT of the summer, or a flame-grilled burger with a thick slab of juicy beefsteak Tomato on top. MmmmMmmm!

sunflower backlit closeup