The first ripe Cherry Tomato!

There’s an air of anticipation on the farm these days. We’re waiting for the humidity to break later this week, waiting for more rain to fall on our fields, but most of all we await the first harvest of our FAVORITE crop… Tomatoes! They’re coming soon! We see a few ripening here and there, hidden in the forest of dark green Tomato leaves and branches.

In the meantime, we’re snacking on tasty Sweet Corn from Kitchen Garden Farm in Rehoboth and our own crunchy carrots. We grow acres of carrots every year because we love them so much. And nothing’s more satisfying to harvest than carrots. Grabbing a handful of frilly carrot tops and pulling up those bright orange roots is still magical, even after years of harvesting them.

organic carrots being washed in a barrel washer

Washing Carrots in the barrel washer–a good job for a hot day!

One inescapable inevitability of growing root vegetables is that they’re always so dirty! We run our carrots through this nifty barrel washer as one step in the process of getting them sparkling clean. The barrel washer applies water and tumbles the carrots to create some friction for loosening all that dirt. They come out looking so much better than when they went in!

organic carrots after being washed

Squeaky clean Carrots!