The best of summer

jen surveying flower patch

Our Cut Flower Manager, Jen, surveying her domain.

July days on the farm are full of early morning harvests followed by afternoons hoeing long rows or trellising our many beds of tomatoes. The task list compiled at each morning’s crew meeting seems to stretch out endlessly, but somehow it all gets done.

red cherry tomato closeup

Summer snacks ripening on the vine.

As the crew truck rolls out to the field, sometimes someone will hop off and grab a handful of raspberries or a few cherry tomatoes for everyone to snack on. These days there’s delicious treats popping up on every corner of the farm and the crew is gleefully making the most of it.

The Farmstand crew has been working hard all winter to keep their biceps in good shape for Sweet Corn season–those big sacks of Corn are heavy! And now their dedication is paying off–Sweet Corn season has begun and they’re effortlessly hauling 50 lb. sacks out to the Corn table in front of the Farmstand. This week we’re getting our Sweet Corn from Four Rex Farm out in Hadley, MA and it’s damn tasty!

gennaro hauling corn to farmstand

Gennaro putting his guns to good use. 

And check out the black raspberries that are ripening this week! Black raspberries (different than blackberries) are a special type of raspberry that ripen to a deep, rich purple that looks almost black.

black raspberry hands

Black raspberries are a special summer treat!