Solstice Sunshine

PO field stone wall sunset

Main St. field at sunset

Happy Solstice! Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and a seasonal milestone for every farmer, is this Thursday. These days it’s light before 5am and until well after 8pm and the crops are loving all this sunlight.

tomato rows solstice

Tomato crop looking gorgeous

Our first succession of Tomatoes has some early fruit on it and the plants are growing vigorously. We’re hopeful for a first harvest in a month.

a handful of sugar snap peas

Fresh picked Sugar Snap Peas

We started picking Sugar Snap Peas today–always a highlight of the late spring. Sweet and crunchy with lots of flavor, Sugar Snaps are always worth the wait.

And a quick trip around the peach orchard revealed branches laden with fruit and probably ready to pick in 6 weeks. We grow several varieties of peaches–some are early ripeners and some are late ripeners. This way we can have a long harvest as we skip from variety to variety, only picking what’s ripe and ready.

Should be too long now!

peach set at solstice

Baby peaches looking fuzzy