Planting Madness

pepper beds mulched with leaves

Freshly planted Pepper crop

Late May and early June is one of the busiest times on the farm. We’re planting as fast as we possibly can, while also harvesting all the spring bounty that we planted over the last two months. We’re prepping fields for some of our fall crops already too, and starting to pick up again at our summer Farmers Markets.

Spring planting means our crew spends lots of time on our waterwheel transplanter. The waterwheel punches a square hole (you can see it in the picture at the right) and dumps some water in. The crew adds the plant and the whole process happens seamlessly. It makes for happier plants AND a happier crew.

We’re also doing a TON of seeding in the field–additional seedings of carrots, beets, green beans, and sweet corn, as well as wrapping up last seedings of spring greens & roots like arugula and radishes.

After a pretty cold start to spring, this last month has been great growing weather and we’re excited to see our crops so happy and productive these days.
garlic crop

Happy Garlic crop