Glorious Spring!

-Erika Rumbley

It’s a revelation every time. No matter how many seasons you have under your belt, the bloom of life in the early weeks of spring is simply stunning. Crocuses and chives. Its exciting and tender. It comes with a healthy dose of worry as we stalk the forecast and cross our fingers that the earth will be ready for planting when our young plants are ready to move outdoors. Yesterday, that day finally came and we planted so many seedlings! With rain in the forecast, it couldn’t be more perfect.

If you’re a farm stand visitor, you’ve seen where the propagation magic happens! Plants begin their life in the protection of a heated greenhouse and move to an unheated cold frame to acclimatize to the great outdoors. This time of year, you’ll find us most days parked at the seeding bench, watering young plants or shifting tiny plants out of our germination chamber. Parallel to this process in the greenhouse, Langwater farmers are also preparing the fields!

As we navigate uncertain weather on the brink of spring, we’re grateful to all of you who have made a commitment to Langwater this season. Your CSA shares are an investment in our work, in our land and in the food that we’re growing for your table. Thank you.

planting high tunnel