Muddy Days & Sweet Greens

-Erika Rumbley

jeremy springThe glorious days of spring are here! As the temperatures continue to rise and days lengthen we’re hitting the ground running at Langwater Farm. While we’ve been busily seeding in the greenhouse and repairing machinery since February, these days the Langwater crew is out in the field. Lovelock lettuce, Lacinato kale, Napa cabbage and Bright Lights chard are among the cool-weather seedlings that have found their footing in the newly prepared fields over the past week. Many vegetables are seeded directly into the cool soils. We’re watching for our spring carrots, beets and radish to pop up in the coming days. Deliciously fancy fava beans are also rejoining our repertoire this spring. Passing by the farm, you’ll see long, white swaths of fabric in the fields. This row cover adds an extra layer of warmth, giving our spring greens a boost of growth.
Spring is also primetime for infrastruture projects around the farm. This season, we’re tackling barn renovations at the greenhouse2Wheaton Farm and fencing around the post office field to protect our strawberries, greens, and carrots from nibbling deer. We’re assembling a high tunnel (unheated greenhouse) at our home base near the farmstand. The moment this tunnel is sheathed in plastic later this week, we’ll fill it up with onion and tomato seedlings that are eager for more space.
With muddy rubber boots and a hopeful spring outlook, we can’t wait to welcome you back to the farm for opening day on Saturday, May 2nd. Until then!